European Buildings under the Microscope
David Strong was part of a UK team of specialist consultants who contributed to a major study for the Buildings Peformance Institute Europe (BPIE).

European Buildings under the Microscope
A country-by-country review of the energy performance of European buildings

There has been significant Europe-wide legislation on buildings and there are several forthcoming initiatives underway to improve the energy performance of new or existing buildings. Yet, much of this is done with only a minimum of fact-based knowledge and analysis/evidence. As strategies for the energy performance of buildings evolve and become more complex, policy-makers need concrete facts to put in place the monitoring systems that permit measurement of the progress of the various policy instruments. Amid the current political discussions at the EU level, BPIE has undertaken an extensive survey across all EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway reviewing the current situation in terms of the building stock characteristics and policies in place. European Buildings under the Microscope is an ambitious project screening European buildings, building codes and other regulatory measures. The data was used to model a variety of scenarios for the systematic renovation of the European building stock, in line with the objectives of the EU 2050 Roadmap.

David Strong undertook the review of building codes and compliance/enforcement in the 27 Member States (plus Switzerland and Norway). To read the full report click here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4399528/BPIE/LR_%20CbC_study.pdf