Providing assistance as a non-exec or Board Adviser

David operates as non-executive director and/or strategic adviser to companies and organisations worldwide. He provides strategic and operational advice to Boards regarding; corporate governance, business development, human resources, market intelligence, business planning. He also acts as an advocate for a number of companies/organisation, including Chairing the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings.

Reference: Matthew Rhodes, Founder and Managing Director, Encraft Ltd. “David has been attending our Executive Board meetings as an adviser for 18 months. We have found his involvement hugely valuable and insightful.  His expertise and experience has been particularly useful given the challenging trading conditions and the rapidly changing policy landscape associated with sustainable buildings, the Green Deal/ECO and reductions in incentives for renewable energy technologies. I have no hesitation recommending him as a non-executive director or board adviser.”

Using an Integrative Design Process (IDP), to deliver substantial reductions in capital (CAPEX) and operational cost (OPEX) associated with new buildings and industrial processes.

David Strong has worked as an Associate with the Green Asia Group (TGAG) in applying an Integrative Design Process (IDP) approach to optimise and enhance the design of a number of new buildings and industrial processes. The results have been outstandingly successful; very significant savings in the capital cost of mechanical and electrical plant and equipment have been identified, leading to substantial reductions in operational cost (typically reducing energy related OPEX by 60% to 80%). This was achieved by David & TGAG facilitating an exemplary level of collaborative working, setting and measuring metrics & KPI’s associated with major energy consuming plant and forensic attention to detail. David has worked with TGAG on; an eco-tourism development in Morocco, a semi-conductor plant and a “green” data-centre in Singapore and a very large mixed-use development in Myanmar.

Reference: Vinod Kesava Executive Director and COO, The Green Asia Group. “David Strong is one of the leading IDP advocates and practitioners in the world. Working with David has enabled TGAG to identify major opportunities associated with CAPEX and OPEX in a wide range of buildings and industrial processes. David is extremely highly qualified, technically knowledgeable, commercially astute and always highly professional in his dealings with TGAG and its clients. We have also valued David’s contribution to the strategic development of TGAG.”

Adopting an eco-minimalistic approach to deliver exemplary sustainable buildings at reduced M&E cost.

Advice provided by David Strong led to a radical rethinking of the way Dog’s Trust new £5 million dog rehoming centre near Shrewsbury was designed, specified & constructed. David assessed Dog’s Trust’s existing flagship rehoming centre at Harefield and proposed much simpler and lower capital cost ways of heating, cooling, ventilating and illuminating the new building. His eco-minimalistic scheme was adopted and the completed building was awarded BREEAM Outstanding (the highest score ever achieved at the time).  For more information:click here 

Reference: Matthew Taylor, Property Director, Dogs Trust “David made us fundamentally reconsider our approach to the design of our new dog rehoming centres. As a consequence of his advice, we have eliminated the need for most of the complex and costly building services plant and equipment, whist at the same time enhancing the quality of the internal environment and comfort for staff, visitors and dogs alike. David’s eco-minimalism approach has led to a substantial reduction in operational energy and maintenance cost. We have also adopted his ideas at our new Loughborough and Basildon Rehoming Centres. David’s advice has enabled us to construct outstandingly sustainable buildings whilst saving us a substantial amount in M&E CAPEX and OPEX. He is a highly recommended specialist adviser.”

How can David Strong assist with market assessment and analysis?

David was commissioned by Glass for Europe to undertake a detailed world-wide assessment of the research evidence associated with the health, educational, productivity and wellbeing benefits attributable to effective daylight in buildings. The study was the most comprehensive undertaken to-date, with over 80 research papers, books and learned society articles being assessed and reviewed –the key findings were published by Glass for Europe. For more information click here.

Reference: Bertrand Crazes Director General, Glass for Europe “The project undertaken by Dr Strong was very far-ranging and required him to review research findings from a wide variety of sources, including medical journals. He was highly professional and he summarised his key findings in a very authoritative report and on our behalf, at a number of conferences. His findings shed new light on the importance of daylight and we were very pleased with the work he undertook.”

Reviewing energy & carbon options & opportunities provide operational cost savings
 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) appointed David Strong to undertake a review of the energy saving and renewable generation opportunities associated with one of the company’s large and complex buildings. A subsequent study required David to review the carbon footprint of GSK’s data-centres worldwide and to provide recommendations for improvement in Power Utilisation Effectiveness. Opportunities for operational cost saving and carbon reduction were identified.

Reference: Alan O’Brien, CEO, Sabien Group plc. “We were delighted with the assignment undertaken by David Strong on our behalf. He quickly understood and analysed the key issues and synthesised his findings and recommendations in a highly articulate and intelligent manner (both verbally & in a report).  Should the need arise we would use David again, and I am pleased to recommend him to other organisations requiring technical or commercial advice.”

Using sustainable development to “unlock” opportunities associated with hard to develop land

The 2012 UK National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has introduced a “presumption in favour of sustainable development”. This presumption provides new opportunities to obtain planning permission on land that may have previously been difficult to develop, and is applicable in areas where Councils are unable to demonstrate a five year housing land supply. However, any planning application based upon the “presumption” must be supported by a robust Sustainability Statement and Energy Strategy. David Strong has prepared a several such statements in support of planning applications. Reference: Chris Beaver, Planning Director and Head of GL Hearn’s Bristol Office (Planning Consultants).  "I have worked with David on a number of Planning Applications. His advice has been hugely valuable particularly at the inception stage of planning projects. A Strategic Energy Statement he prepared in support of a major housing and commercial development was described by the Planning Officer as “exemplary”. I strongly recommend David to any organisation requiring advice or strategic planning statements associated with energy or sustainability"

Reference: Per Arnold Andersen, Department Head, VELUX Knowledge Centre for Daylight, Energy & Indoor Climate. "The VELUX Group commissioned Professor David Strong to undertake the task of preparing a comprehensive review of daylight and sustainability and the possible future political and regulatory key drivers for daylight requirements in building codes and regulations. Prof. Strong presented his work  at the 5th VELUX Daylight Symposium in Copenhagen on 16 May 2013 in a very clear and well received manner.  I acknowledge Prof. Strong’s professionalism and communication skills and  I have no hesitation recommending him for similar tasks."

Recent clients include:-
BOA Property Ltd.
Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)
British Gas
C.G. Fry Ltd.
City University, London
Design Council
Construction Products Association (CPA)
Dogs Trust
Encraft Ltd.
Energy Saving Trust Ltd.
Glass for Europe
Good Homes Alliance
Green Building Education
Green Village Investments Ltd.
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Hertfordshire County Council
Inbuilt Ltd.
IndustryRE Ltd.
Kingspan Insulation Ltd.
Lewis Wyatt (Construction) Ltd.
Loughborough University
Malaby Holdings Ltd.
Morrish Builders Ltd.
National Insulation Association
Natural Building Technologies Ltd.
Sabien Technology Ltd.
Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd.
SMI Group
The Green Asia Group
The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment
UK Green Building Council
University of Strathclyde
Westfeild Shopping Towns
Wilmott Dixon Holdings
David Stong Consulting